Holmes the Printers

Our Rubber Stamps & Signs includes:
  • Standard one colour stamps with pads
  • Multi coloured stamps
  • Dating stamps
  • Unusual stamps
  • Vinyl lettering onto correx
  • Full colour signage
  • Engraved signs
  • Metal stamps
  • Very large stamps
There are many forms of stamps used in business.

  1. Basic rubber stamp. This is generally the most economic stamp and requires a separate stamp pad.
  2. Pre-inked stamp. These are more expensive and do not require a separate pad.
  3. Pre-inked with stamp pad included within the design.
  4. Numbering stamps. These can be plastic or metal.
  5. Pen stamps. These fit into a pocket, just like a pen.
  6. Metal stamps. These are generally the most hard wearing.
Stamps can be in a single colour or in multiple colours.

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